3 Ingredient Glitter Slime

It’s all the rage. Squishy, stretchy, often glittery. Slime has squeezed its way into the hearts of so many children and even some adults! It makes a fantastic stress reliever, an easy mess-free fidget, and it’s even a great science experiment as there are many variations to try.

Today we made our own slime using a variation I found at My Frugal Adventures.

Sunday Morning Slime Experiment

Bug loves her gold “play putty”!
Baby K loves to squish!

This version of borax free Glitter Glue Slime uses ingredients I had on hand, and took less than a minute to make, even with little hands helping. This alone gives it 4 stars in my book, and the fact that it makes perfectly textured, pretty slime every time makes that 5th star a no-brainer. All three of my girls were really excited to be able to conduct an experiment on this cold, rainy morning. I was really excited that said experiment promised to be fun and fairly mess free.

¬†After playing for a few minutes, Bug excused herself to go upstairs, which I found a bit odd. However, she returned quickly with a bin full of Shopkins, Hatchimals, and other tiny plastic toys. This turned out to be a brilliant idea and she, Boo and Baby K then spent over 30 minutes hiding little toys inside their slime and challenging each other to guess who was inside. It was a bit chaotic, and there was occasional shouting (“No! How could it be Delish Donut in my slime when you just had her and Beverly Heels in your own slime!”) but all in all it kept them happy and busy for quite a bit.

Making Glitter Glue Slime

So what, you ask, do you need to get your own half an hour of peace?

  • 4oz of Elmer’s glue (we used glitter glue, but you could use any kind and add your own coloring, glitter, or small objects)
  • 1/2 tbsp baking soda
  • 1 tbsp Contact Solution (make sure the brand you use contains boric acid)

That’s it. Pour the glue into a bowl. (We used a 6oz bottle and just estimated.) If you are adding color, glitter or any other extras, now is the time to mix them in. Sprinkle the baking soda on top, mix until there are no lumps and then pour in the contact solution.


Use a popsicle stick, unsharpened pencil, handle of a spoon, other solid stick like object or just a finger to quickly mix the ingredients. The slime will form very quickly. Once everything has solidified (there will be some solution left in the bowl) pick up the slime and work in hands until no longer wet or sticky. The whole process should take about a minute.


Now put out some little things to hide, some containers to fill and some fun things to squish with, and sit yourself down with a cup of coffee! (Ok, be responsible and load the dishwasher first. You have time!)

Check back next week


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