Welcome to 3 Giggling Twirls! A great place to come if you want to hear about the daily adventures, struggles and hilarity that is the life of me! But who is ‘me’ you ask???



I am Kristina! A 30-something mother to 3 beautiful, hilarious, exasperating, sassy, brilliant, engaging little girls. They are my whole world, for better or worse. Things aren’t always easy for us. In fact, there is rarely a day that goes by when I don’t find myself closing my eyes and searching for a last ounce of patience. Then again, those same days rarely pass without at least one moment of absolute amazement that I made little people who are this awesome.

I like to spend my child free time (read:the middle of the night) browsing Pinterest, reading or planning homeschool/ preschool activities on my computer for the girls. I really like to come up with my own busy boxes, worksheets, clip art and games for our homeschool lessons in themes that go along with whatever strikes their fancy 🙂


The Twirls

Bug – Bug is 6 years old, but not looking to be a grown up any time soon. Grown ups don’t play enough. She is loves to learn, make friends with everyone, sing, dance and watch Kids YouTube. She is bursting with energy and always has something amusing to say. It often involves the words ‘banana pants’. ‘Banana pants’ are hilarious. Her imagination tends to run wild, and on any given day we are playing host to a wide assortment of absolutely NOT imaginary characters.  These ‘friends’ are borderline creepy. Also, Bug is just weird.

Boo – Boo is THREE. Yes.. in capital letters. If you’ve had a three year old, you know. She is tiny, she is blond, and she is fierce. She used to be so sweet, so quiet and mild mannered. And then she turned three. I’m still holding out hope that the toddler demons will eventually release her, at least for a few years until the preteen demons find her. Until then, I try to appreciate the mischievous grins and make it through the day for the night time cuddles I still get. On a positive note, she does put herself to bed around 7:30 every night and is the only one who doesn’t disturb my slumber. For that alone she gets to be my favorite child at least once a day.

Baby K – Oh, Baby K. Baby K is NOT a baby. She is a kid. Unless I ask her to stop using diapers or drinking momma’s milkies. Then she isn’t so sure. She is 2 1/2 years old, and as far as she is concerned, just as grown up as either of her sisters. Baby K loves to sing, dance and watch My Little Ponies. She is silly, smart, curious and super duper needy. Baby K is my last baby, and even if I had wanted more, she wouldn’t have it. She is a momma’s girl, and we are close. Very close. Like touching. Always. I do my best to enjoy the snuggles, because all too soon they will stop. Probably.


So that’s it! That’s us in a nutshell! Hopefully you will stick around and check out our little slice of blogdom.

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