Edible Jello Slime

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Feeling a little bored today, want to have a little fun with the kiddos? How about creating a batch of Edible Jello Slime? This slime is only 2 ingredients + water, inexpensive to make, and turns out to be a pretty awesome texture.


Edible Jello Slime

Jello. Such a staple of my youth. It can be used as hair dye, flavoring in cookies and cakes, a tasty science experiment on states of matter, an amazing multicolor tasty treat, and (in later years) an excellent vessel for hard liquor. But with today’s kids preferring making slime over baking with mom, we have had to find new ways to include this fun product in our children’s memories. Don’t get me wrong, we still make jello cookies at least once a month, but this slime happens at least as often!

When looking for a new slime recipe, I know that I usually try to find one with ingredients I have on hand. When dealing with stir-crazy children, I’m usually looking for instant gratification. This slime, unfortunately, may require a trip to your local grocer (or you could just order it here on Amazon, and be ready to try it out in two days!). It is, however, totally worth it. The key ingredient in this slime is Psyllium. This is a plant product generally used as a fiber supplement. The brand name Metamucil is most commonly recognized, but for our slime, I actually prefer the off brands. Check your favorite store and read the label of their store brand fiber supplement. As long as the main ingredient is Psyllium, you are good to go!

Some awesome things about this particular slime:

  1. It can be made without the Jello, making it a great dye-free, all natural recipe!
  2. It is edible but does not taste particularly delicious. It is therefore safe for little ones who are prone to taste testing.
  3. It is super easy, and anyone old enough to responsibly use the microwave can make it.

Edible Jello Slime!

Bonus: According to Bug (6yo) and Boo (4yo) this is the absolute best ‘noisy’ slime [read: it makes great fart noises] we have made. Just grab a small container and try to squish it in. So many giggles!


Let’s Make It!

To make this slime you will need:

  • 1 tbsp of Powdered Psyllium Husk Fiber supplement
  • 1 cup of water
  • large microwavable bowl
  • 1/2 packet of Jello or several drops of food coloring in desired color.

First mix water and Fiber Supplement in a large microwavable bowl.

Add Jello or food coloring if desired. (For a Dye-Free recipe, you can just leave this step out).

Place bowl in the microwave for 3 minutes. It should start to bubble up after 2.

Let bowl sit in microwave for 1  minute, then turn on for another 3 minutes.

Remove from microwave and let cool for 3-5 minutes. The slime should solidify as it cools. Check the texture, and if it is still wet or not as stretchy as you prefer, return to the microwave in 3 minute increments.

I have found 3-4 3 minute rounds in the microwave is usually sufficient to make a non-sticky, decently stretchy slime.

Make sure the slime is cool all the way through before giving it to children!

That’s it! It may take a bit longer to make than some slimes, but the results are definitely worth the wait!


Have fun and let us know how your Edible Jello Slime turns out!


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