Gotta Start Somewhere…

One of my favorite quote finds since I’ve had my daughters:

Little Girl: A giggle that twirls.

That, in a nutshell, is what I deal with 75% of my day. Of course, in order to capture the essence of the other 25% of my day, I’d have to reference The Exorcist or a live MMA fight.

With so much going on, and so many fun and entertaining moments in our lives, I have often had the thought that it was a shame we couldn’t reach out and touch lives of more people. Enter the world of blogging.

If parenting has taught me one thing, it is that there is no shortage of moments to learn from, fight through, laugh at, and share. 3 Giggling Twirls is about those moments, mixed with a whole lot of real life. We play, we fight, we homeschool, some weeks we exist on coffee (me) and cheese (them) and we probably get a bit too much screen time.

These days to many people want to tell you how to get it all together, and how to have the perfect house, children, relationship and life. We are not those people. We know that a life with children is messy and full of unpredictability and chaos. We don’t necessarily try to change it as much as we try to embrace it.

If this sounds like a philosophy you can get behind, then please join us on our journey. Let’s learn from, and support, and commiserate with each other. I promis you’ll never get bored!